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6 Ways to Make and Keep A Successful Budget!

6 Ways to Make and Keep A Successful Budget! By: Life Institute Rev. Drew Gysi & Tyler Rutherford

Christian education is one of the most important investments we can make into our children’s future. With all the financial stressors of life, we need a plan for how to keep investing in their future. Budgeting is a way to achieve your goals while also feeling financially free.

"Budgeting is telling your money where to go rather than wondering where it went" Author, speaker and Pastor, John Maxwell
Budgeting can feel restrictive and limiting. But really, it leads to financial freedom and greater generosity today and tomorrow!
Here are 6 budgeting tips to help you make and keep a successful budget.
1.Set your goals You can’t achieve a goal if you don’t have one! Take some time, brainstorm what you want to save for, and prioritize. It could be paying for your kids to go to a Christian school, buying a new house, a car, or even a college education! Setting realistic bu…

The Path in the Woods

By Anthony Buttacy, Head of School

A few Sundays ago I woke up to a silent house and felt immediately in my spirit that I needed to go and pray. I got up, got dressed, and proceeded to go into our basement to pray. As I got settled in and started to pray, I felt God telling me to get up and take a walk. I have to admit, I knew it was cold out and double (triple even) checked with God, sort of a “are you sure you want me to go out in the cold?” Naturally, God doesn’t change His mind and I went back upstairs, put on my coat, and went for a walk. I walked around my development, enjoyed some time in the fresh air, and saw some neighbors. It was a nice time of prayer and reflection. As I was finishing, I felt impressed to take some time to walk in the woods behind our house. I have been wanting to do that since we moved in, but I never quite found the time.
As I entered the woods, my plan was to walk to the creek. I knew it wasn’t far, a few hundred feet at most, but I also couldn’t clearly…