Is Christian Education the Right Choice for Your Family?

By Gail Hallman Dean of Academics

It is the time of year when decisions need to be made regarding where our children will attend school next year.For some, this decision is easy.For others, it is the cause of many sleepless nights.We have so much to consider in this decision; academics, athletics, fine arts, extra-curricular opportunities, and friendships to name only a few.However, sometimes I fear we miss one of the most important questions – “Is my child being prepared spiritually and is their character being strengthened to face all that life brings to them beyond high school?”Sometimes the most important needs our children have are easily overlooked. As parents, it is our responsibility to guide our children and make decisions that watch out for their best interest. One of the greatest challenges in this as a parent is not letting our heart strings get pulled into the emotion of what our children are feeling on a given day or even seasons they go through in life.As the parent of fou…

West-Mont Students Serving the Community

By West-Mont Senior and Advancement Intern Rachel Hetrick

Students used the holiday season as an outreach opportunity in their community by organizing a food drive as well as a toy drive.
Initiated by one can of corn, the food drive gained momentum over the course of December. The West-Mont family collected five large bags of food along with many boxes of canned goods.
The contributions were donated to the Boyertown Multi-Services Food Pantry as well as Kingdom Life Church in Pottstown. West-Mont Senior, Nic Collins organized the food drive. “We are very thankful for all of the donations,” Collins said. “Let all the glory be to Jesus!”
West-Mont Christian Academy’s National Honor Society Chapter held a toy drive for the entire school community to take part in. Small toys were collected throughout the month of December. The National Honor Society members packed containers with toys as a part of the Jared Box Project.
The Jared Box Project consists of filling shoebox-sized plastic storage…

Losing Our Bearings

By Head of School, Anthony Buttacy

When I was a teenager, I had the opportunity to attend a Royal Ranger leadership camp in upstate New York. It was a fun, but intense, four day camp where we learned all different outdoor, leadership, and teamwork skills. On the final afternoon of the camp, we had to do a five mile hike to a new campsite. Not overly difficult you might say, but it wasn’t a straight trail hike. We were giving a list of bearings to set our compasses to and distances to travel. If we followed the directions correctly, we would arrive at our new campsite. If we didn’t, we would wind up somewhat lost. (As a note, there were leaders out along the way to ensure we didn’t get lost. We didn’t know that though until after) 
If you have ever done hiking like this, it can be a lot of fun and allow you to see things that are not on a regular park trail. You also get to camp in some beautiful locations that you can’t get to normally. The first key is making sure your compass is set t…

6 Ways to Make and Keep A Successful Budget!

6 Ways to Make and Keep A Successful Budget! By: Life Institute Rev. Drew Gysi & Tyler Rutherford

Christian education is one of the most important investments we can make into our children’s future. With all the financial stressors of life, we need a plan for how to keep investing in their future. Budgeting is a way to achieve your goals while also feeling financially free.

"Budgeting is telling your money where to go rather than wondering where it went" Author, speaker and Pastor, John Maxwell
Budgeting can feel restrictive and limiting. But really, it leads to financial freedom and greater generosity today and tomorrow!
Here are 6 budgeting tips to help you make and keep a successful budget.
1.Set your goals You can’t achieve a goal if you don’t have one! Take some time, brainstorm what you want to save for, and prioritize. It could be paying for your kids to go to a Christian school, buying a new house, a car, or even a college education! Setting realistic bu…

The Path in the Woods

By Anthony Buttacy, Head of School

A few Sundays ago I woke up to a silent house and felt immediately in my spirit that I needed to go and pray. I got up, got dressed, and proceeded to go into our basement to pray. As I got settled in and started to pray, I felt God telling me to get up and take a walk. I have to admit, I knew it was cold out and double (triple even) checked with God, sort of a “are you sure you want me to go out in the cold?” Naturally, God doesn’t change His mind and I went back upstairs, put on my coat, and went for a walk. I walked around my development, enjoyed some time in the fresh air, and saw some neighbors. It was a nice time of prayer and reflection. As I was finishing, I felt impressed to take some time to walk in the woods behind our house. I have been wanting to do that since we moved in, but I never quite found the time.
As I entered the woods, my plan was to walk to the creek. I knew it wasn’t far, a few hundred feet at most, but I also couldn’t clearly…

The Power of Questions

Written By Mr. Anthony Buttacy, Head of School

Last weekend my wife and I took our kids to see Small Foot (I know, it came out a while ago. We were a little busy unpacking from the move). The movie opens with Migo, the main character, explaining the Yeti creation story and how everything in the village is done in accordance with what is written on the stone tablets. As the opening progresses, we meet a few Yeti that question what is written on the stones. Migo is quick to point out to the children that they are strange and when we have questions, we need to “push them down” and make them go away. Naturally, as soon as I heard this I began to question where the movie was going and if this was going to be an anti-faith film.

As the opening act progresses, Migo sees a plane crash on the mountain and finds a Small Foot, a human. This radically impacts Migo’s worldview. The stones say the small foots do not exist, yet he has now seen one. He runs back to the village, tells every…