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West-Mont Students Serving the Community

By West-Mont Senior and Advancement Intern Rachel Hetrick

Students used the holiday season as an outreach opportunity in their community by organizing a food drive as well as a toy drive.
Initiated by one can of corn, the food drive gained momentum over the course of December. The West-Mont family collected five large bags of food along with many boxes of canned goods.
The contributions were donated to the Boyertown Multi-Services Food Pantry as well as Kingdom Life Church in Pottstown. West-Mont Senior, Nic Collins organized the food drive. “We are very thankful for all of the donations,” Collins said. “Let all the glory be to Jesus!”
West-Mont Christian Academy’s National Honor Society Chapter held a toy drive for the entire school community to take part in. Small toys were collected throughout the month of December. The National Honor Society members packed containers with toys as a part of the Jared Box Project.
The Jared Box Project consists of filling shoebox-sized plastic storage…

Losing Our Bearings

By Head of School, Anthony Buttacy

When I was a teenager, I had the opportunity to attend a Royal Ranger leadership camp in upstate New York. It was a fun, but intense, four day camp where we learned all different outdoor, leadership, and teamwork skills. On the final afternoon of the camp, we had to do a five mile hike to a new campsite. Not overly difficult you might say, but it wasn’t a straight trail hike. We were giving a list of bearings to set our compasses to and distances to travel. If we followed the directions correctly, we would arrive at our new campsite. If we didn’t, we would wind up somewhat lost. (As a note, there were leaders out along the way to ensure we didn’t get lost. We didn’t know that though until after) 
If you have ever done hiking like this, it can be a lot of fun and allow you to see things that are not on a regular park trail. You also get to camp in some beautiful locations that you can’t get to normally. The first key is making sure your compass is set t…