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The Power of Questions

Written By Mr. Anthony Buttacy, Head of School

Last weekend my wife and I took our kids to see Small Foot (I know, it came out a while ago. We were a little busy unpacking from the move). The movie opens with Migo, the main character, explaining the Yeti creation story and how everything in the village is done in accordance with what is written on the stone tablets. As the opening progresses, we meet a few Yeti that question what is written on the stones. Migo is quick to point out to the children that they are strange and when we have questions, we need to “push them down” and make them go away. Naturally, as soon as I heard this I began to question where the movie was going and if this was going to be an anti-faith film.

As the opening act progresses, Migo sees a plane crash on the mountain and finds a Small Foot, a human. This radically impacts Migo’s worldview. The stones say the small foots do not exist, yet he has now seen one. He runs back to the village, tells every…